This is the Gominion

Minionizing to go

The Gominion has been around for a long time, and is of course using similar tools and skills to the Ogminion, just in a different context. He started his first business after dropping out of CS in the second year, and has kept doing that on and off. As you may have guessed most of those ventures produced their best results in terms of learning, and that’s still an ongoing process until today. If you’re interested in a complete business-relevant profile, ask me, and I’m happy to send you one..

go eLearning!

Showcase for a lifestyle business around the service to create interactive, self-paced online learning modules from trainers’ tried and trusted classroom decks. To use either as stand-alone products or as post-training offering in addition to their normal business.

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Collection of my writing and visual art, some more serious than others. Growing slowly but steadily. Preparing to add an on-demand merchandising shop to the site with products based on the art on the site.

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