Welcome to Kai, Minion, Me.

Essentially beneficial.


Buddhadharma-related minionizing


Wherever else there is minionizing to do, he goes.


Would you like to get a minion to do your bidding?

All the minions.

Dupseng Rinpoche

https://dupseng.org Website for Dupseng Rinpoche, the minion’s teacher. In this context the minion is also an adminion, serving as Rinpoche’s secretary where and when needed. Almost all other projects of the Ogminion are interdependent with this. <div...

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http://dharma-elearning.net eLearning platform for the study and practice of Vajrayana, with video and audio teachings by Dupseng Rinpoche as well as interactive modules for many of the core practices of the Karma Kagyu lineage. Membership-based with tight...

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Dharma Online

https://dharma.online The Magic Mantra Machine is a social online practice counter, one of the minion’s favorite projects, building on the fact that a good deadline combined with a bit of social cooperation/competition is an incredibly powerful way to do...

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go eLearning!

Showcase for a lifestyle business around the service to create interactive, self-paced online learning modules from trainers’ tried and trusted classroom decks. To use either as stand-alone products or as post-training offering in addition to their normal business.

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Collection of my writing and visual art, some more serious than others. Growing slowly but steadily. Preparing to add an on-demand merchandising shop to the site with products based on the art on the site.

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Manjushri Center

https://manjushri.center Website for the Manjushri Retreat Center in Thailand, currently nearing the completion of phase one and the opening for retreats. <div class="thumbnail-container"><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> <div...

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Thu Vien Karma Kagyu

“Karma Kagyu Library” — A website with Vietnamese translations of Karma Kagyu and other Dharma texts as well as a collection of articles about the teachers of the lineages and other resources for study and practice.

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...the Minion.

Hi, my name is…well, that’s already a tough one. I’ve been variously known as Kai, Jinpa, Khai, Troc, and other things. And am comfortable with most of them, still. Mostly. You’re welcome to call me whatever you like.

This site is about the side of me that is ‘work.’

Work. To me that always sounded tedious. Following the advice of a teacher who used to say, “You know your true work because it’ll feel like play,” I tried calling it ‘play’ for myself for a while. Definitely made it somewhat more joyful. Unfortunately it doesn’t lend itself to communication, much.

Recently I found that in order to counteract rising pride at certain activities I needed another term again. And ‘minion’ seemed to fit the bill. Whether we’re actually working within a hierarchy or other organizational context where we are accountable to others, or whether we are completely free and only following the whims of our own ego, we’re minions.

Ok, I’ll speak for myself only, no offense intended.

To distinguish the various areas of my minion-like endeavors, you’ll find traces of Ogminion, Adminion, Sysadminion, Bizminion, or Miminion on these pages.

Call the minions!

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